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What Is Sasha Obama’s Twitter Handle?

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

Today, President Obama joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, speaking on Clinton’s behalf at a stop in North Carolina. This is great, especially if your name is Hillary Clinton and you would like to be president. But in between saying what I’m sure were glowing things about Mrs. Clinton, Obama instead slipped in this vitally important piece of news: Sasha Obama has a Twitter. Repeat: Sasha Obama, youngest Obama daughter and noted Cool Teen, has a Twitter.

The bomb was dropped during a dig at Donald Trump’s tweets. “Everybody can tweet, but nobody actually knows what it takes to do the job until you’ve sat behind the desk,” Obama said, as transcribed by The Guardian. “I mean, Sasha tweets, but she doesn’t think that she thereby should be sitting behind the desk!”

Sasha tweets! As you live and breathe! Now we can only hope her content is as good as that time Malia took a selfie in a Pro Era shirt (which was subsequently leaked on Instagram) and that her handle is something super chill. If you, too, are furiously trying to find the name the littlest Obama is tweeting under, let Select All help you out and confirm it is none of these: @SashaOMGTweets, @MyOtherRideIsAirForceOne, @IPinkyPromiseThisIsSashaObama, @SashaObamaProbs, or @XOXOSashipGirl.

What Is Sasha Obama’s Twitter Handle?