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You Are Probably Having a Better Monday Than This Guy Covered in Monkeys

Here is some excellent life advice, courtesy of Reddit. Should you come across a pack of monkeys roaming the streets, do not feed them. If you do, you run the risk of being rushed by 20 or so creatures scaling your body like a jungle gym and inspiring nightmares for years to come. Also, Reddit will take the opportunity to photoshop you and the monkeys into all sorts of ridiculous situations.

As the latest installment in Reddit’s Photoshop battle series (a redditor submits a photo and then other Photoshop-savvy redditors edit the photo to their hearts’ content until someone is declared the winner), the primate-filled photo has inspired some excellent edits. Like this one, though I’m hard pressed to believe any animal, even a monkey, would actually be lured in by the spell of Axe.

But still, are you not entertained?

Hidden Gibbons seems extremely effective.

Like we said, maybe just skip feeding the animals next time.

Man Covered in Monkeys Inspires Photoshop Battle