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All This Online Shopping Has Led to a Rise in Dog Attacks

Photo: Volodymyr Plysiuk/Getty Images

Online shopping is a huge industry. I know this. You know this. But guess who also knows this: dogs. Dogs have been attacking postal workers more and more because postal workers are delivering more and more packages from Amazon (or other fine retailers!).

According to Ad Age, “Attacks on postal employees are on the rise – in 2015 alone, they jumped 14% to 6,549, officials said.” A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service specifically attributed the rise in canine chaos to a “double-digit increase” in packages. Online commerce shipments were up roughly 35 percent between 2011 and 2015.

To that end, the USPS introduced a new feature to its handheld scanners called “Trip Hazards,” which lets deliverymen and -women log hazards on their routes. The feature was induced in May ahead of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which sounds fake, but there’s a week for pretty much everything now so who knows.

Every time you order four pounds of Haribo Sour Spaghetti in bulk from Amazon (which I did not do last Friday), you’re putting someone’s well-being on the line. Think about that.

All This Online Shopping Has Led to a Rise in Dog Attacks