Donald Trump Tells African-Americans They Are Desperate Enough to Vote for Him

Donald Trump has a dream. Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

The new, re-re-reorganized Donald Trump presidential campaign is pivoting to the center by proving its candidate, contrary to decades of evidence, is not a massive racist. Today, Trump is speaking to black voters, or at least to black voters via a largely white audience. Trump’s case for the black vote is that African-Americans are so poor and desperate they should consider literally anything different, even a candidate like Donald Trump:

In Trump’s defense, there is at least some internal logic here. If African-Americans literally had no jobs at all and worthless schools, then maybe there would be a case that things could not get worse. In reality, things could definitely get worse, and it’s very easy to imagine that an ignorant, racist demagogue as president would indeed have this very effect.

Trump, however, is sufficiently confident his pitch will work that he promises he will receive a minimum of 95 percent of the African-American vote, which would mean that current polls are underestimating his black support by about 93 percent.

Black People Desperate Enough to Vote Trump, Says Trump