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Teen YouTube Couple Who Fled Chicago Make Follow-up Video Asking People to Stop Talking About Them Fleeing Chicago

A week after word of their narrow escape from the treacherous city of Chicago made headlines, married teen YouTubers Brianna Joy and Jaelin White are back with a new video entitled “REACTING TO PRESS AND HATE.”

In the video, the couple addresses their recent media coverage in “Reddit, New York Magazine, The Daily Mail, and all that other kinda stuff.” “A lot of those people don’t understand our story, so it’s easy to hate us,” Jaelin explains. (For the record, I do not hate the Whites! Like their hundred of thousands of YouTube followers, I find them fascinating.)

Jaelin and Brianna would like to make it known that they harbor “no hard feelings toward Chicago.” (Based on the reactions of many of the city’s residents, I’m not sure the same thing can be said for the city’s feelings towards them.) They also recommend that you do not attend the Brianna and Jaelin Walking Tour on September 6, a Facebook event that promises to highlight all the major points from their escape route, including Chipotle and Subway. To quote Jaelin: “These trolls will literally find any way to make themselves look funny.”

Mostly, these teens would just like people to stop talking about the whole thing.“This is something that happened, and it wasn’t a big deal,” Brianna Joy explains. “It’s like a month since we posted the video, and a month later I don’t want to keep talking about this.” (Because there is nothing like drawing attention to something again, in order to get people to forget all about it.) As of publishing this story, Brianna and Jaelin’s reaction video had 13,000 views and counting. The OG Chicago video is just shy of 1.5 million.

Married Teen YouTubers Are Over Their Chicago Escape Drama