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Man Tries to Destroy the Internet to Prevent People From Seeing Him Square-Dance, Which Is a Good Reason

Photo: Jan Stromme/Getty Images

Several Chinese news sites, Kotaku notes, are reporting that a man in the city of Weifang was arrested this week for destroying local optical networks in the area in an attempt to prevent people from seeing pictures of him square-dancing. In other words, he tried to take down the actual internet because he thought there might be some embarrassing photos of him on it.

The Nanfang writes that the man has only been identified as Liu. According to their reading of Chinese-language accounts:

Liu left the dance, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that these humiliating photos would end up on the internet. So, at the end of June, Liu, who had only an elementary school education, went out one evening and destroyed four optical cable network receivers, causing over 100,000 yuan in damages.

He was arrested a week ago. Despite his setbacks, the dream of one day destroying the internet and freeing ourselves from this digital oubliette remains alive.

Chinese Man Tries to Destroy the Internet