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Dolphin Steals iPad From SeaWorld Guest for Porpoises Unknown

Photo: Fox 11

I had no idea people were still visiting SeaWorld Orlando in the post-Blackfish economy, but it turns out they are. And if you are among those folks, here’s a piece of advice: Mind your selfies and keep your technology out of reach of the dolphins.

A guest at the park this weekend learned that the hard way after one of the creatures cheerfully bit an iPad right out of her hands and dragged it into its pool. In a video shared by Fox 11 and filmed by a SeaWorld season-pass holder (again, who knew?), you can see the woman retrieve the tablet, but not before it gets a good soaking. While she hurries off looking understandably peeved, the dolphin seems relatively unaware of the several hundreds of dollars of equipment it potentially just trashed.

It’s unclear what prompted the dolphin to make the grab. Perhaps it was just saying hello. Or maybe it was offended by the baby-pink case/stand wrapped around the iPad. Or perhaps the dolphin was trying to make some sort of metaphorical comment about the continually diving consumer sales of the iPad. The world may never know.

Dolphin Nabs iPad at SeaWorld for Porpoises Unknown