To Broaden His Base of Support, Donald Trump Humiliates Ann Coulter

Trumped. Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

In his campaign’s first gesture of outreach to liberal bloggers, Donald Trump humiliated Ann Coulter on Wednesday night. During a town hall with Sean Hannity, the GOP nominee outlined a kinder, gentler plan for keeping 11 million undocumented people in a state of legal purgatory — just as the far-right thinkfluencer was holding the book launch for her new screed, In Trump We Trust:E Pluribus Awesome!

“There’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven. Except change his immigration policies,” Coulter writes in her suddenly mistitled opus.

As news spread of Trump’s proposal to grant some longtime undocumented U.S. residents the status of second-class non-citizens (as opposed to siccing the “deportation force” on them), the mood at Coulter’s book launch turned dim.

The author proceeded to pass through the first two stages of the Kübler-Ross model of grief at lighting speed.

“It’s just rhetoric but it’s still annoying,” Coulter told The Hill. “I think he panicked and he had to say [it] … I don’t think he is softening. I mean the big thing is the wall.”

Just an hour later, denial had given way to anger.

Meanwhile, other immigration hardliners have already found their way to acceptance.

“I’m not disappointed,” Joe Arpaio, America’s favorite fascist sheriff, told CNN on Wednesday. “He’s going to … study the law, and he’s going to follow the law, and see where that takes us on enforcing the illegal immigration problem that we have.”

Alabama senator Jeff Sessions, one of the foremost opponents of “amnesty” on Capitol Hill, told Fox and Friends he could “get on board” with Trump’s new position.

“He’s saying, let’s fix this problem, let’s fix it and then we’ll wrestle with the people who have been here a long time,” Sessions said on Thursday.

But there’s one bit of good news for Ann Coulter: Even as her closest allies reveal themselves to be cucks in nativist clothing, her sworn enemy is preparing to remind Trump of where he comes from. On Thursday afternoon, Hillary Clinton plans to highlight the GOP nominee’s roots in the cesspool of reactionary nihilism called the “alt-right.”

Coulter has to hope that Clinton’s speech will make Trump remember who his real friends are — provocateurs of white racial grievance who are rapidly fading from relevance.

Donald Trump Appeals to Center by Humiliating Ann Coulter