Donald Trump Pitches Half-Trillion-Dollar Plan to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Donald Trump has a plan to rebuild America’s failing infrastructure, and it calls for “at least double” the spending proposed in Hillary Clinton’s $275 billion plan. That’s at least $550 billion, and “you’re really going to need more than that,” Trump told Fox Business Network in an interview Tuesday.

How would a Trump administration pay for such a plan given his insistence that he’s “doing the biggest tax decrease”?

“We’ll get a fund, we’ll make a phenomenal deal with the low interest rates and rebuild our infrastructure,” Trump said. He said that the money in the “fund” would come from bonds.

We’d do infrastructure bonds for the country, from the United States,” he said. “We have to fix our infrastructure, but we have to fix it without cost overruns to get it done properly.”

Donald Trump Calls for Yuge Infrastructure Plan