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Don’t Let Sheryl Sandberg Babysit Your Kids

Photo: Allison Shelley/Getty Images

This week in internet trends, people are sharing posts with the hashtag #FirstSevenJobs, documenting their career paths over the years. And this evening, Sheryl Sandberg leaned in (sorry) and added her seven-jobs list to the mix. The ex-Googler and current Facebook COO shared her list, of course, on Facebook. Her first two gigs, as Sandberg explains on Facebook, were babysitting jobs. And she was fired from both of them.

From Sandberg:

1. Babysitter – fired from my first family for accepting and paying for a pizza no one ordered (parents had the reasonable view that opening the door for a stranger was a problem)
2. Babysitter – fired from my second family for falling asleep (also fair)

There are a few key takeaways for all you would-be babysitters. One: Don’t nap while you’re supposedly guarding someone’s kids. (Or at the very least, get better at lying about being asleep on the couch like the rest of us did.) And two: If you get fired as a babysitter, you can still run one of the world’s largest and richest companies.

As you might imagine, Sandberg’s career list takes a pretty sharp spike after those first two positions; at job five she was an aerobics instructor (!) and by job six she was working at the World Bank. Clearly, she did not list her former babysitting employers as references.

Don’t Let Sheryl Sandberg Babysit Your Kids