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That Whole ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ Thing Still Applies to Your Feet

Back in my day, people were taught to drive with the old “ten-and-two” motto for steering-wheel hand placement. And while that clockface arrangement might have shifted with the evolution of airbag technology, one element has remained constant: hands. You are (with a few, noted disabled-driving exceptions) supposed to be driving with your hands. And you’re also not supposed to be texting. Got it? No texting and keep your hands on the wheel.

In case that’s still fuzzy, here is a terrifying video of a woman in Pennsylvania driving with her feet while texting, courtesy of 6ABC Action News. This is a great example of what not to do.

Someday in the future, when we all ride around in totally autonomous cars and never have to speak to human beings, this will be totally chill behavior. But until then, please put the phone, and your feet, down.

‘Don’t Text and Drive’ Still Applies to Your Toes