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Don’t Watch the Viral Video of the Man Having Sex With the McChicken Sandwich

Photo: Ark/Getty Images

If you glanced at Twitter or Facebook trends this weekend (or even into today), you might have noticed “McChicken” topping the list. McChicken? you might be thinking, wholesomely. Who doesn’t love the delicious McDonald’s breaded-chicken sandwich? No wonder it’s trending! Hmm. Not to burst your bubble, but “McChicken” was trending because some guy filmed himself, um, well, having sex with a McChicken Sandwich. The internet proceeded to set itself on fire.

That’s pretty much all there is to the great McChicken trend of August 2016. If you are feeling so inclined, you can find the video for yourself, but we won’t be linking to it here, as Select All is a family website.

Instead, here are seven alternative videos you can watch to fill your dragging Monday afternoon, none of which involve some schmuck copulating with fast food.

7. This deep cut of Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo singing the national anthem at an NBA game in 2014 like a baby angel.

6. This back-flipping high-school soccer player who is having a better day than you.

5. This YouTuber who built a working freeze ray in his backyard.

4. This kitten who looks no worse for wear after getting its head stuck in a glass jar.

3. This kid kicking a soccer ball off a house and into a basketball hoop in what is sure to be the next big thing in “Haters will say it’s Photoshopped” memes.

2. These bears going to town on a bunch of apples.

1. This. Just watch this.

Don’t Watch the Man Having Sex With a McChicken