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Look at This Dumb Bus, Which Now Exists in Real Life

Back in May, Select All covered this dumb bus being built in China. The idea for the bus is that the bus would straddle two lanes as cars passed under it. It looked like a ridiculous Tron Recognizer.

At that point, the Transit Elevated Bus (which is on rails and so is actually a train) was just a model. Less than three months later, a full-size version is now ready to start testing along a 300-meter controlled track.

There are certain hypothetical benefits to the TEB. One dumb bus could replace 40 standard buses. In theory, it’s a subway that runs aboveground, with a fraction of the construction and maintenance costs.

On the other hand, what if this dumb bus falls on, like, a dozen cars, crushing everyone and then exploding? Also, it looks dumb?

The vehicle can carry 300 passengers and travel at roughly 40 miles per hour. It is still unclear what happens if a tractor-trailer gets stuck behind this dumb bus.

Look at This Dumb Bus, Which Now Exists in Real Life