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This Man’s Best Friend Is a Powdered Donut-Loving Deer Named ‘Money’


Kelvin Peña and Money are here to call BS on anybody who ever said dogs were man’s best friends. Because Money and Peña are best friends. And Money is a deer.

I just want to show everybody how I’m spending my day. I’m out here eating crackers with my pet deer, his name Money,” Peña explained in the first of a series of excellent videos on Twitter. “That’s my best friend right there. His name Money. We play basketball whenever we bored outside. We lit out here, man. We love the woods.”

Peña met Money last week when the white-tailed deer wandered into his backyard in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Taking their relationship to the next level, Money soon introduced Peña to the rest of his family: Bambi, Canela, Lola. (Which are totally their real names.)

And in case their was any doubt about the basketball.

Peña told Motherboard that he has been feeding the deer crackers, chips, and powdered donuts. In case that’s not obvious from your childhood screening of Bambi, those foods are not what deer typically eat. He also tweeted that he plans to start feeding the deer more nutritious food soon.

Somebody get this guy a Kickstarter. Or don’t, because feeding deer is actually really bad for them in the long run. Or do, because this whole bit is funny as hell.

This Man’s Best Friend Is ‘Money,’ a Donut-Loving Deer