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These High School Seniors Immortalized Harambe With Their ID Pictures

Photo: tifnog/Twitter

Harambe is dead, but his legacy lives on at Troy High School in Michigan where four students decided to memorialize the the late silverback gorilla on their student ID cards.

The students – Natalie, Maddie, Caroline, and Tiffany – are all rising seniors who work together on the school yearbook. “We wanted to do something unique for our school ID photos,” Natalie told me via Twitter DM. “The day before our ID photos were taken, we decided to all wear green t-shirts and to write out in sharpie ‘ha-ram-be’ and the years of his existence.” She also made sure to let me know that these pictures are only for their IDs and won’t be appearing in the actual yearbook.

When I asked why Harambe was so important to them, Natalie told me “we were just paying tribute to a beautiful animal that died too soon.” And, in case you want to feel really old, she also added, “he was also born the year I was.”

High School Seniors Immortalize Harambe With ID Pictures