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Hillary Clinton’s Role in bin Laden Raid Included History’s Easiest Decision Ever

Photo: The White House/Getty Images

Former CIA director Michael Morell today makes a compelling case that Hillary Clinton is well-qualified to serve as president, and Donald Trump is not. But in the midst of his argument is one not terribly compelling piece of evidence: “When some wanted to delay the Bin Laden raid by one day because the White House Correspondents Dinner might be disrupted,” recounts Morell, “she said, ‘Screw the White House Correspondents Dinner.’” There may have been reasons to delay the bin Laden raid, but preserving the sanctity of an evening of journalists serving as concierges to advertisers who want to be in the same room as celebrities is not one of them. This seems like less of a “Wow, Hillary Clinton really proved her mettle” moment than a “Wow, why weren’t these staffers fired on the spot?” moment.

Update: According to more detailed accounts, the argument for delaying the raid was not spoiling the dinner, but the chance that President Obama would be pulled away, tipping off the press corps that something was up:

Hillary bin Laden Role Included History’s Easiest Decision