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Honestly, Just a Great Tweet

We’ve spent a decent amount of time trying to find a “tech” or “internet” angle about this great tweet — a genuinely romantic story about love at first sight, in which Jared Leto falls for a green coat on the runway and consummates his relationship with it at the Suicide Squad premiere — but I think we need to be honest: There’s no tech angle. And yet it would be a crime to not share this great tweet. It’s really something! Great tweet!

Update: Vanity Fair’s Kenzie Bryant spoke to Leto about the picture, and he — in true Jared Leto fashion — ruined a nice thing. He said that he was actually making a face at someone across the aisle.

“Sorry to ruin your meme,” he said. “Perception versus reality.”

“Maybe I’ll just go on believing that it was a moment of joy,” I said, laughing the pain away.

“Or you could tell the real story,” he suggests. “That would be interesting.”

Jared … Thank you 

Jared Leto and His Green Coat: Romance of the Century