Joe Biden Officiates Wedding of World’s Luckiest Couple

Now we know the real reason Joe Biden forced President Obama to back marriage equality (aside from his belief that gay people deserve the same rights as all other Americans): He wanted to get into the wedding racket. The vice-president officiated a same-sex wedding on Monday, marrying two White House staffers at his residence.

Biden tweeted out a photo of the ceremony, and Jill Biden replied, “love is love!”:

According to a statement, the grooms, Brian Mosteller and Joe Mahshie, asked Biden to marry them, and Biden obtained a temporary certification from the District of Columbia. BuzzFeed reports that Mosteller is the director of Oval Office operations, and Mahshie is a trip coordinator for Michelle Obama.

This is the first time Biden has officiated a wedding, but now that Americans know they can ask him to perform their wedding, it’ll probably be his full-time job come January.

Joe Biden Officiates Wedding of World’s Luckiest Couple