An Old Starr Meets a New Opportunity

Former special prosecutor Ken Starr is back on the job market just as the next inquisition of the Clintons is gaining steam. Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As you may have heard, House Republicans have been ginning up a perjury complaint against Hillary Clinton for her alleged misrepresentations in sworn testimony on the Benghazi brouhaha. Federal prosecutors are extremely likely — as in 99.9 percent likely — to refuse to pursue charges. So it’s just a bit of election-year Kabuki, right?

Well, probably so, but at The New Republic Eric Kleefeld brings up another possibility:

[T]his story is a very useful reminder that, assuming Republicans keep the House, a Hillary Clinton presidency will not pave the way for an era of political reconciliation. Instead, it’s far more likely that we’ll see an effort to impeach another President Clinton

In ostensibly unrelated news, an old friend of the Clinton family is on the job market again:

Ken Starr, the former Baylor University president and chancellor who was demoted for his mishandling of rampant accusations of sexual assault on campus, will leave his position as a faculty member in the law school. The news, announced in a Friday statement released by Baylor, severs Starr’s last tie to the Waco, Texas, university.

Glad to see nothing happened during Starr’s tenure at Baylor that could keep him from resuming his old position as the moral conscience of the country. If they hurry, House Republicans could get him on retainer in case they need someone with experience in manufacturing a constitutional crisis.

And Old Starr Meets a New Opportunity