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A Personal Plea to Monica Lewinsky: Please Tweet

Photo: Anna Webber/Getty Images

Nearly two decades after the whole “national scandal” thing, Monica Lewinsky has, understandably, become a staunch anti-bullying advocate. Particularly on the internet. (See, for example, the #clickwithcompassion hashtag on her Twitter bio and her excellent Ted Talk.)

This is sadly no fun for the rest of us. Earlier today, in response to a Twitter employee tweeting “there is nothing worse than not being able to tweet a tweet that you know is soooooooo good but you would get in so much trouble for,” Lewinsky wrote, simple: “hello. #storyofmytwitterlife.”

Having the good judgment to keep your mouth shut is the kind of bittersweet experience most people who’ve used Twitter will identify with. (Less so Donald Trump.) If you don’t open your mouth, you can’t put your foot in it.

But — if you’re Monica Lewsinky, your untweeted thoughts would probably be of greater interest than the zingers the rest of us opt not to tweet about our exes. So Monica, if you’re reading this, your tact is impressive. But if you wanted to let that slide for a hot second and shoot off a few fire tweets, we wouldn’t hate it. Twitter is made for drama, after all. And at the very least, please continue with your excellent subtweet game.

A Personal Plea to Monica Lewinsky: Please Tweet