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Reminder: Bears Do Not Belong in Your House

Photo: Rodney Ginn/Facebook

Despite what children’s television programming (looking at you here Bear in the Big Blue House and Paddington Bear and the family Berenstain at large) would have you believe, bears do not belong in houses. Bears do not belong anywhere near humans. Bears are, well, bears. And they are terrifying.

A California man named Rodney Ginn experienced this firsthand over the weekend when he says a bear and two cubs broke into his house. Ginn caught the intrusion on camera (hmmmm) and posted it to Facebook where it has since been viewed over 20,000 times. (A freebooted version is also at the top of Reddit this morning.) “Well that was an interesting night here’s momma bear charging me before slamming the door it was her and her 2 cubs,” Ginn captioned the video.

In the comments, Ginn explains that the bears finally made their way out after figuring out how to open a sliding door in his house. He also posted another picture of the bear and one of the cubs on the stairs, which is, you guessed it, still terrifying. Come for the minute and a half of a scared man screaming profanities, stay for the two-second glimpse of an actual bear barreling up the stairs.

Reminder: Bears Do Not Belong in Your House