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Simone Biles Graciously Allowed Zac Efron to Kiss Her

Has there ever been a better use for Snapchat? After snagging her fourth gold today in Rio, Simone Biles managed to find a few moments in her busy schedule to spend with Zac Efron. Being that she is a Cool Teen, Biles, of course, documented their interactions on Snapchat. Including the moment where she ever so politely granted Efron the opportunity to kiss her upon her medal-winning, gravity-defying cheek.

“Tell me when it’s going. I don’t know how Snapchat works,” Efron says (in a reminder that it has been a decade since he was a Cool Teen) right before he goes in for the kiss.

The moment, filled with screams and squeals from several off-camera voices, is a lovely throwback to new stories earlier this week about Biles owning a cardboard cutout of Efron, which, she told NBC, she used to kiss on the cheek in her youth and childhood. Except this time, it’s Efron doing the honors.

Congratulation, Zac. Now go brag to all your friends that one of the greatest Olympic athletes in history allowed you to temporarily place your lips upon her skin.

Simone Biles Kindly Allowed Zac Efron to Kiss Her