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Teen Makes Tiny Pancakes for Her Pet Chickens (Because ‘They Is Good Chickens’)

Photo: sarahk343/Twitter

Sarah Kulevich, an 18-year-old in Illinois has nine chickens. She has only named three of them — “it’s actually pretty hard to think of chicken names,” she told me over Twitter DM — but it’s clear she cares deeply about each and every one. Because she cooks them tiny little pancakes.

Earlier this summer, the 18-year-old Illinois teenager decided to whip up a batch of miniature pancakes to feed her pets, which live in her backyard in West Chicago. “I don’t have a farm. My chickens are the only pets I have, so I spoil them,” Kulevich told me via Twitter DM. “I thought I’d make them pancakes because its like sweet bread and they loved it.” (She also said they enjoy eating oatmeal and mashed potatoes, in addition to their usual chicken diet of, you know, “bugs in the grass.”)

Kulevich tweeted the pictures of the chicken pancakes earlier this summer, but they only really started blowing up in the past week. Responses have mostly been nice, but she says there’s one thing people keep harping on, and she’d like to set the record straight: No chickens were reduced to cannibals in the making of this very good tweet.

I did not use eggs in the pancakes. A lot of people have asked, but I did not use any eggs in the pancakes,” she said.

Teen Makes Teeny Pancakes for Pet Chickens