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There Is No Point to This Levitating Phone Charger, But I Still Want One

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Phone chargers, on the whole, are pretty utilitarian. It doesn’t take anything fancy to plug in your phone and re-juice your battery. If you are really feeling snazzy, there are wireless chargers you can use, but those involve a power base and some sort of attachment or case you have to put on your phone just for charging. Which doesn’t seem like a good enough reason, when you could just, you know, plug in your device like everybody else.

However, a new Kickstarter for a levitating wireless charger called OvRcharge might make me change my mind. In addition to charging your phone wirelessly, the accompanying magnetic case is designed to make your phone float in midair as it charges. Which is a fun party trick and would also look cool on my dresser.

The charger still has a little more than two weeks left on Kickstarter, where it needs to raise another $10,000. While the effect is cool, the devices aren’t cheap. One OvRcharge case and charging station will run you $199. For that price, you could buy about 33 Apple-certified lightning cables on Amazon. But can you really put a price on novelty?

This Levitating Charger Is Pointless, But I Still Want One