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Woman Says Uber Driver Took the $100 Scenic Route After She Fell Asleep in the Car

On Monday, London comedian Hannah Warman decided to take an Uber home. She opened up the app, agreed to 1.4x surge pricing, and ordered a car. When it arrived, she hopped in expecting a quick ride to her destination. Except Warman fell asleep during the ride. And when she checked her receipt the next day, it showed her driver had taken a roundabout way back to her home and what would have been a “five minute walk” took an hour and a half by car.

According to Warman’s tweet, the circuitous route to her home added an extra 35 miles and cost $111, she told Mashable. “I was shocked and upset about how expensive it was because I thought the driver must’ve got lost,” she said. “Then I realised he couldn’t have got that lost because they have Sat Navs and the map with the start and end point would’ve been in front of him. It looks like he went the longest way around possible.” Uber has since refunded Warman for the ride. (The company did not immediately respond to Select All’s request for comment.) Moral of the story: Don’t fall asleep in an Uber. (Second moral of the story: Always read your receipts.)

Uber Driver Added Extra Miles While Passenger Slept