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Exclusive: Aaron Carter Does Not Have a Favorite Meme

Just a short 15 minutes ago, Aaron Carter, blond musician and onetime house-party host, tweeted out his phone number saying he was looking to “have some fun right now.” “FaceTime only,” the guy who allegedly beat Shaq followed up on Twitter. (This is not the first time Carter has done this. Some might call this thirsty. We’ll just call it … fun!)

So, naturally, I called him up. The first few tries were unsuccessful, leaving me staring back at my own, sad face on Carter’s preferred calling app. Then, on the fourth try, the ringing stopped and the call connected. Aaron’s tattooed neck flickered onto my screen for the briefest of moments before the call was ended.

Me, Aaron, and the left eye of some other guy named Christian.

Crestfallen, I called a few (few, 15, something like that) more times. Once again, the ringing stopped and the call went through. There he was. Aaron Carter. Aaron said hi and asked me if I knew who he was. (Yes.) Then he asked if I knew who the other dude on the call with him was. (No. Sorry, Christian.) Other topics of our brief conversation included why I was wearing such large headphones (Me: “Uh, I’m at work.”) and who was making that goofy laugh from the cubicle behind me (Me: “Uh, my boss … because I’m at work).

Aaron chided me for being on Twitter while at the office and then said he had to say good-bye so he could tend to his other fans. Before he left, I asked him one, final question. “Aaron, do you have a favorite meme?”

“No, I don’t,” the 28-year-old who once guest starred on a Christmas episode of Lizzie McGuire said. I told Aaron he was letting me down, to which he replied “we’re all a letdown sometimes” and promptly hung up.

Exclusive: Aaron Carter Does Not Have a Favorite Meme