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Vine Stars Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons Explode Friendship Amid Accusations of Social-Media Sabotage

Cerny blurred out Pons’s face on Instagram, which sources tell me is a slight of some kind.

Close followers of Amanda Cerny, 25, and Lele Pons, 20, may have noticed this week that the two Vine stars had stopped following each other on social media — the foremost expression of contempt possible in this particular corner of the internet. It was a deeply concerning mystery: How could two stars of the six-second-comedy-video world turn their backs on each other? they asked themselves. Why would a friendship like that fall apart? Does this mean that Amanda will follow me back?

Yesterday, Cerny answered at least the first two of those questions. For months, she told the gossip site the Dirty, Pons had been secretly accessing Cerny’s accounts, deleting popular posts from sites like Instagram, and allegedly setting Cerny’s accounts to private so she couldn’t acquire new followers.

From the Dirty’s account of this unparalleled subterfuge:

We never fought once. We were always together. Then I began to notice my photos being deleted, my videos being deleted and my account being put on private so no one could follow me. I immediately blamed The social media platforms and wouldn’t even think it was her. This was happening to me nonstop until August. Until I was at a barbecue with Lele Pons and we were all playing a fun game of charades and I see Lele get up as I’m telling a joke. I look over my shoulder and see Lele on her phone snapchatting and then realize wait… That’s my phone. Take my phone back and my photo was deleted. So I knew it was her at that moment it all made sense.

“Wait… That’s my phone.”

When confronted, according to texts supplied to the Dirty by Cerny, Pons initially denied the scheme, but later confessed under enhanced interrogation.

AMANDA! I’m so sorry about that I feel horrible! So fucked up from me and I act so immature and impulsively. It’s so wrong what I did and I don’t know what to do so you forgive me.

In her characteristically low-key manner, Pons then said that she was canceling her imminent trip to Italy to try and repair their relationship.

The story doesn’t end there, with a broken friendship and a canceled trip: On Tuesday, Cerny told an anecdote about the police coming to her house to take down her Instagram. Is such a thing true? Far be it from Select All to cast aspersions on the truth of Cerny’s story! Let us merely reflect in our minds on whether or not it sounds true that the police came to Amanda Cerny’s house to ask her to take down her Instagram.

(As an aside, the type of unauthorized access allegedly committed by Pons constitutes a violation of the antiquated Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the federal legislation under which most hacking crimes are punished.)

In a 15-minute vlog uploaded Tuesday called “WHY I DUMPED HER!! | TRUTH REVEALED !!!,” Cerny recounted the story again, thanking the fans for their support. (She starts recounting it at four minutes in, after eating breakfast, making coffee, and riding an elevator, which you are welcome to watch, should you so desire???).

Cerny has spent the past couple of days retweeting fans on #TeamAmanda, while Pons has said little about the situation except for retweeting vague platitudes about bullying. There has been no word on whether her trip to Italy has been rescheduled.

Vine Stars End Friendship After Months-Long Subterfuge