Architect Falls More Than 40 Stories to His Death From Midtown Building

Bruno Travalja. Photo: Facebook

A 52-year-old architect fell 47 stories to his death Thursday afternoon, after he lost his footing while working on a rooftop terrace at a construction site on West 52nd Street and Sixth Avenue, reports the New York Post. Bruno Travalja, a married father of three who owns the New Jersey–based architecture firm Crowne Architectural Systems, was wearing a harness, but it was not attached to anything, officials said. Travalja was close to the ledge of the rooftop, trying to prevent materials from falling off the building and into the street, when he got up and stumbled, plunging to the ground. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The city Department of Buildings and the NYPD are investigating, and all work has been stopped on the building.

Architect Falls More Than 40 Stories to His Death