Staten Island Bird-watchers Spot What Could Be the First Bald Eagle Born in NYC in More Than 100 Years

Staten Islander? Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images

New York City might have been made great again thanks to the possible birth of the first bald eagle on city soil in more 100 years. Bird-watchers have spotted a young bald eagle on Staten Island taking food from two adult birds. It “certainly indicates that it is a young bird that hatched recently,” Debra Kriensky, a biologist with New York City Audubon, told the New York Times. “It’s very exciting.”

Kriensky and other experts say that it’s impossible to know for sure if the young bird is a true New Yorker without finding the nest. Last year, bald eagle couple Vito and Linda built a nest on Staten Island and got everyone excited at the prospect of a native New York City eagle, but the DEC said the pair never procreated.

Bald eagles have been spotted in all five boroughs in recent years as their population has rebounded across America thanks to conservation efforts. In 2010, New York State had 173 bald-eagle breeding pairs, up from just one in 1960. But none, so far, have wanted to have kids in the city. But can you blame them?

Bird-watchers Spot a Baby Bald Eagle on Staten Island