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Andrew Sullivan Gave Advice on Beating ‘Distraction Sickness’ on Our Twitter Yesterday

This week’s story from Andrew Sullivan, “I Used to Be a Human Being,” documented the writer’s struggles with his “distraction sickness” — the “endless bombardment of news and gossip and images” that turned him into a “manic information addict” — and his various attempts to wrest control of his life away from social media and 24-hour news. To preach the gospel of putting down your phone, Sullivan took over Select All’s Twitter on Tuesday to answer questions. Read on for more.

“What are the best strategies you’ve found for maintaining balance? You mention meditation, any other methods?”

“Where did you go on retreat in silence and how difficult was it?”

“Do you think this era of constant connection to media paved the way for the rise of Trump? Are people not paying attention?”

“What do you think it would take to finally teach media literacy in schools?”

“Why did you have to go cold turkey to get balance in your life? Why not restrict online hours?”

“Ask if he thinks he’ll ever restart his blog.”

“How does it feel to be the other Sully?”

“Is the irony of doing this Q&A through screens lost on you?”

“Do you have a favorite podcast? And where do you buy your books?”

“What’s the biggest benefit to quitting technological ‘distractions’?”

“Are Corbyn and Trump two sides of the same coin?”

“When/how can adults do something about it? Experts for years have advocated media lit?”

“Do you think Brad and Angelina would still be together if you hadn’t killed all those geese?”

“Are there any products out there that can help us disconnect? Wish list?”

“Sincere question: what’s it like to be so disliked?”

Andrew Sullivan Discusses ‘Put Down Your Phone’ on Twitter