Clinton Ally Wants Chris Wallace Removed As Debate Moderator

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

David Brock, founder of Media Matters and a Hillary Clinton ally, has written a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates demanding that Fox News anchor Chris Wallace no longer be allowed to moderate the third presidential debate in October. Brock’s argument is that Wallace’s relationship with former Fox News CEO and current Trump adviser Roger Ailes constitutes a “glaring conflict of interest.” The anchor’s recent assertion that it’s not his job to “be a truth squad” during debates also concerns Brock. The CPD, meanwhile, issued a statement saying, “We are pleased with our selection of moderators and confident they will do a good job.”

Brock’s point here is that Wallace is going to be biased in favor of Trump. And with that, Clinton and her people show that two can play Trump’s favorite game: reducing expectations by screaming about how everything is rigged.

Clinton Ally Wants Chris Wallace Off Debate Stage