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College Student Expertly Calculates the Angle of Her Dab

Photo: 13adh13/Twitter

In what is surely the greatest argument ever for paying attention in trigonometry class, a college student in Virginia used math to calculate the exact angle of her dab. (Trig is not needed to calculate the number of people who have faved and retweeted her since, but you do need to be able to count to at least 50,000.)

Anicca is a 20-year-old college senior at Regent University, where she is majoring in biophysical sciences and minoring in business. “I was actually sitting with my friends, after visiting the lake, looking at the original photo and waiting for our physics professor when I noticed how straight my arms were,” she told me via Twitter DM. “Honestly, the first thing I thought was just ‘I wonder what the angle of this is?’”

“I literally just sat on the floor outside of the classroom, pulled out my calculator and borrowed a ruler from my friend,” Anicca explained. “My friends all thought it was pretty hilarious and I joked that it was a perfect example of my ‘brand,’ so I tweeted it too.” Ah, yes. Doing it for the brand.

College Student Expertly Calculates the Angle of Her Dab