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Cotton Candy-Covered Girl Makes for Great Photoshop Battle

During a Seattle Mariners baseball game earlier this week, a young fan named Beatrix stole the show (game? stole the game?) after a picture of her cotton candy-smeared face started making the rounds online.

And now, two days later, Redditors are having some fun with Beatrix in today’s hottest Photoshop battle. (In case you’re not familiar, Reddit Photoshop battles are a time-honored tradition where redditors make ridiculous photo edits until a winner is declared or something shiny comes along and distracts them.) Beatrix’s battle is currently sitting at the top of the Reddit front page, so it’s safe to say people are having a seriously good Friday laugh at her excited blue face.

There were meta memes.

And Breaking Bad jokes.

So many Breaking Bad jokes.

Cookie Monster made an appearance.

And we even got a sneak peek at the Avatar sequel.

As for Beatrix, she doesn’t seem to be any worse for the sugar-high wear.

Cotton Candy-Covered Girl Makes for Great Photoshop Battle