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Use This Generator and Make Your Own Custom LaCroix Can

If Select All were a can of LaCroix, we’d look like this. And we’d probably taste like a meme think-piece.

LaCroix, a classy sparkling-water brand with humble Midwest origins, has earned over the last few years the status of “A Thing.” There was a Letter of Recommendation for it in The New York Times Magazine. It’s been hailed a “world power.” I heard Hillary Clinton’s dehydration this week was cured after she threw back a couple of cans of pamplemousse. (I made that last one up, but you get the idea.)

Now the LaCroix-obsessed can take their love affair to the next level with the My LaCroix generator. The website (a creation of Nelson Cash, a creative studio based out of Chicago) presents you with a spinning can of LaCroix. From there you can select six colors to personalize your can and add your flavor name of choice. When you’re done, click “Flavorize” to create your can and opt to tweet, GIF, or download your creation.

If you need a little inspiration, My LaCroix (which is in no way affiliated with the real LaCroix brand) has a gallery of top flavor creations, including “Shitpost,” “Blood of Christ,” “KONY 2012,” and “Harambe the Gorilla.” None of which sound particularly tasty, but anything would be better than coconut, the absolute worst of the real LaCroix flavors. (Don’t @ me.)

Use This Generator and Make Your Own Custom LaCroix Can