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Trust Me When I Tell You That This Photo of a Bathroom Floor Is a Very Cool Optical Illusion

Last year, some guy made us look for a panda and the fabric of time changed forever. Today: A puzzling photo of a bathroom floor is moving its way up on Reddit. In it, a fuzzy, black bath mat sits on top of a black-and-white-tiled floor. And on top of that … well, take a look.

If you can’t see what’s on top of the mat, redditors suggest shaking your phone. If you’re on a desktop, you can simulate this by scrolling up and down real fast. Can you see it now? Yes? (If this picture looks familiar, you may have seen it before; this isn’t the first time it has made the internet rounds.) Still no?

Okay, fine. It’s a dog.

This Photo of a Bathroom Floor Is a Cool Optical Illusion