The FBI Would Like to Speak to the Two Guys Who Saw a Suitcase, Stole It, and Left the Pressure-Cooker Bomb Behind

I think we all have a lot of questions, actually.

The FBI and the NYPD want to speak to two men who may have accidentally foiled a terror attack on Saturday night. The two witnesses allegedly found a suitcase on West 27th Street in Chelsea — now believed to be planted by Ahmad Rahami — that contained a pressure cooker rigged as an improvised explosive, a few blocks away from where a similar device ignited and injured 31. The men, captured on surveillance video, took that suitcase, but left a not-at-all-suspicious-looking device behind. In the process, officials think they may have disabled the bomb, possibly by tripping a wire.

Authorities say they want to question the men for “informational purposes” only. Officials would also like to recover the luggage as evidence, and possibly ask them, bomb or no bomb, what about bedbugs?

FBI Looking for Two Men Who Took Suitcase, Left Bomb