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19 Funny Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today

If your usual Instagram feed full of pictures of your friends hanging out without you and celebrities hanging out without you is feeling a little one-note, you might be looking for a few new accounts to follow to shake things up. As it turns out, Instagram is a perfect social network for cartoonists and comedians, and funny stuff makes a good break between sunset photographs anyway. But don’t settle for the infamous joke-stealers and meme-regurgitators, like FuckJerry or TheFatJewish. We’ve rounded up 19 of our favorite, funny Instagram accounts — featuring artists, comedians, meme makers, pets, maps, and even Angela Lansbury — to help get you started.


If you want to see Bernie Sanders doing tai chi and Chewbacca hopping into bed with Han Solo, this is the account for you. Managed by photographer Joel Strong, @MyDayWithLeo pairs cutouts of celebrity faces (and sometime their legs) with bodies of everyday people living their lives in the real world. It’s fun. It’s whimsical. It’s such a simple yet entertaining idea, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.


If you’ve never looked closely at Google Maps, you might not know that it turns out the world is a pretty sad place. Geographically speaking, that is. This account posts screenshots of maps from the world’s most depressing locations, from “Agony Island” to “Why Me Lord Lane.”


“I’m a go getter, I wake up at dawn and race to the office before donuts are gone,” reads a recent work from Samantha Jayne, the artist and poet behind @QuarterLifePoetry. Follow along to see what a quarter-lifer’s little struggles (the 9-to-5 grind, grocery shopping, getting ghosted, student debt) sound like in rhyming verse.


A bit of a niche account, but even if you’re not a fan of the classic American crime drama Murder, She Wrote starring the one and only Angela Lansbury (but then again, why wouldn’t you be a fan of the classic American crime drama Murder, She Wrote starring the one and only Angela Lansbury) the heinous ‘90s styles and dramatic poses alone make @MurderSheLook worth the follow.


Caroline Goldfarb, the genius behind @OfficialSeanPenn, once told me her account is “like if Us Weekly and Lisa Frank got together and had a stoned, horny baby.” And in a world where so many meme-based Instagram accounts just steal content, Goldfarb’s work is pleasantly original, if a little irreverent.


A fun combination of Philosophy and Art History 101 classes, @TextsFromYourExistentialist pairs classic paintings with text-message bubbles filled with deep questions and musings about the meaning of life here on Earth. The results are fun, sad, slightly pretentious, and will remind you of that Nietzsche-obsessed guy or gal you once dated, who you met at the coffee cart between Philosophy and Art History 101 classes.


Kids say the darndest things. Also the funniest. And also the weirdest. @LiveFromSnacktime rounds up quotes from small humans and posts them on Instagram with stock photos of toddlers and food. (Four-year-olds, babies, onion rings. What is not to like?) If you have a kid, you can submit the humorous things they say here and have your progeny turned into a meme for all the world to see. (As with most things on the internet, take these all with a grain of salt since many are anonymous.)


Good memes. Weird memes. Original memes. Slightly offensive memes. More than slightly offensive memes. Honestly, just a lot of memes.


Artist Liana Finck’s cartoons are simple and entertaining. Hand-drawn with a pen on lined paper, they’re sort of like what your high-school notebook doodles might have looked like. If you were a talented artist and actually funny. (Both of these describe Finck.)


Artist Josh Hara turns coffee cups into works of art, complete with plenty of puns and jokes and the occasional serious statement. The cups are usually timely, with Hara taking inspiration from very important current events.(Like the arrival of pumpkin-spice-latte season, a seasonal moment of extreme gravity.)


Starring a skeleton (like the one from your eighth-grade biology classroom) named Skellie (-10 points for the name, but don’t hold it against the account as a whole), @OMGLiterallyDead’s day-to-day life looks a lot like yours. If you didn’t have flesh.


Do you miss the days when Seinfeld was on the air? (If yes, I’d like to thank you, Dad, for reading this post.) Well, it’s not. Sorry. But if you’d like to see one man’s twisted take on what the show might look like in this century, follow @Seinfeld2000. Sample posts include Angelina Jolie Photoshopped into a car, with George and Jerry sprinting in the women’s 400-meter Olympic final.


Illustrator Sarah Andersen’s Instagram account features simple black-and-white cartoon strips. Her characters feel familiar (e.g., that one friend of yours who wants a medal for refusing to eat anything that isn’t organic) and make for great, darkly funny interjections into your Instagram feed to break up the monotony of every single one of your friend’s Instagramming pictures of that really good sunset last night. (We get it. The sky was colorful.)


This account runs on submissions from all over the world featuring men looking, you guessed it, miserable, in shopping malls and department stores. Come for the images of lots of dudes looking truly unhappy, stay for the realization that mall couches everywhere look the damn same.


Have you seen a Meryl Streep movie? Of course you have. (And unless it was 2008’s truly terrible Mamma Mia!, you probably liked it, too. ) Have you eaten food? Of course you have. That’s pretty much all there is to this Instagram account. Meryl Streep Photoshopped into food. Meryl in a cannoli. Meryl in a taco. Meryl in a raw steak. You get the idea.


Another one of those this is a kinda a bummer, but I’m laughing through my pain types of accounts, @SadAnimalFacts features simple animal doodles done by artist and writer Brooke Barker paired with downer tidbits of information about said animal. Did you know that mice can tell when other mice are sad and then they start to feel sad, too? Are you also sad now?


A simple premise: cats lolling around on piles of money. Follow if you like cats. Follow if you like money. Follow if you’d like to know what it feels like to see a domesticated animal lazing on top of more cash than you probably took home in your paycheck this month. Or year.


Classic art paired with modern lyrics, you’ve probably seen somebody wearing Fly Art on a T-shirt at some point. (“I woke up like this” printed in white font over Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.”) If you enjoyed that interaction, follow this Instagram account for more of the same. Cheeky and educational!


Like those classic, black-framed motivational posters that say things like “COURAGE” and “TEAMWORK,” if those posters were actually honest. @Unspirational’s posts are a little bit more realistic when it comes to life and motivation.

19 Funny Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today