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Gary Johnson Struggles to Name a Single World Leader in Self-Described ‘Aleppo Moment’

Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Poor Jeb Bush. The only thing his 2016 campaign will be remembered for is causing people secondhand embarrassment, and now Gary Johnson has taken that from him, too.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Wednesday night, the Libertarian presidential nominee was asked to name just one world leader he respects or looks up to. Johnson drew a blank, so he tried to save himself by reminding everyone of that other time he displayed an appalling lack of knowledge about world events. “I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment in the former president of Mexico,” Johnson said.

When pressed, Johnson repeated “the former president of Mexico,” and explained he was having a “brain freeze.” Johnson’s running mate, William Weld, said he was thinking of Vicente Fox.

Johnson is lucky that we’re grading the 2016 election on a curve. As long as you don’t say Vladimir Putin, you pass.

Gary Johnson Can’t Name World Leader in New ‘Aleppo Moment’