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Name a More Iconic Meme. I’ll Wait.

Kenan and Kel: A truly iconic duo of dudes. Photo: Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Bert and Ernie. Thelma and Louise. Abbott and Costello. Rum and Coke. But the most iconic of pair of them all — and the inspiration for today’s fresh meme? Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

The photo of the Jenner sisters, and its accompanying challenge, was tweeted last week, but started picking up steam last night and this morning. “I wanted to see how people would respond to me calling Kendall and Kylie iconic,” the meme creator told me via DM. (The user has since locked her account and asked to remain anonymous for the sake of her mentions. Or at least, to remain as anonymous as the creator of a viral meme on the World Wide Web can be.)

When I asked if she truly believed the sisters were “iconic,” the answer was a firm no. 

Joke or not, the “iconic duo” tweet has taken on a life of its own. Turns out, plenty of people are eager to name duos more iconic than Jenner Thing 1 and Jenner Thing 2. (Worth noting; this isn’t the first instance of the iconic-duo joke online, but the Jenner tweet was the spark that started the meme fire.)

Of course, it’s hard for a single meme to please everybody.

As for the meme’s creator, she says she is hoping the hype will pass soon. “All tweets die out eventually, so I’m not worried about it :),” she explained. Though I’m not quite as sure. Iconic duos may come and go, but memes … memes are forever.

Name a More Iconic Meme. I’ll Wait.