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Netflix Is Very Confused About the Difference Between a Rom-Com and a Horror Movie

To celebrate the true spirit of Labor Day, I spent most of my weekend eating vanilla pudding cups and alternating between episodes Gilmore Girls and Stranger Things. Following a particularly enraging episode of the latter (why, Barb, why?!), I clicked back to the main menu to switch shows and noticed Netflix offering a slightly, um, off recommendation, classifying The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as a “Romantic Movie.”

I don’t remember much about this G-rated, 1997 flick from my childhood, but I certainly don’t remember the plot containing much romance, unless you count the love between a cartoon bear and his honey pot. (Netflix’s age guides recommend the film for viewers ages 0 to 4.) I laughed, tweeted a screenshot of the pairing with a groan-inducing joke, and didn’t think anything else of it. Until I noticed I wasn’t the only one experiencing (and subsequently tweeting about) some technical difficulties with Netflix’s movie and TV show suggestions. See here: a recommendation for classic “Family Feature,” No Country for Old Men.

Or the beloved “Sports Movie” V for Vendetta.

“French Language” hit The Flash.

And how could we forget the critically acclaimed British period drama Narcos.

As of publishing this piece, Netflix had not responded to Select All’s inquiries for comment regarding a potential glitch. However, it seems like everything has since returned to normal on the streaming service’s web platform (at least for me) and all is quiet on the western front. (An iconic 1930s romantic comedy.)

Then again, the platform is now recommending lackluster Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul to me as a “Witty TV Show” so, glitch or no glitch, it’s certainly not a perfect system.

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