No One Will Buy This Ohio Office Building That Looks Like a Basket

Photo: Dennis and Ilene MacDonald/Getty Images

A seven-story structure in central Ohio known as the “basket building” is on the market and not attracting buyers for reasons that probably aren’t mysterious to anyone.

Built for $32 million in 1997 by the Longaberger Company, a basket manufacturer and distributor, the office building has been marked down to $5 million, down from the original asking price of $7.5 million, Bloomberg reports. The location, 40 miles outside of Columbus, is not doing the sellers any favors either. But, ultimately, it’s the structure’s tendency to make people feel like ham sandwiches that’s most responsible for tamping down demand.

Of course, the listing agent is trying to downplay this. “There’s nothing baskety inside,” he told Bloomberg. “Nothing makes you feel like it’s in a basket. You feel like you’re in a nice, high-rise office building.”

Maybe so, but the basket building remains a tough sell. Especially when potential buyers find out about the six-foot ants that are always trying to carry people away.

No One Will Buy This Building That Looks Like a Basket