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Prince Charles Dislikes Twitter Because He Is Old As Heck

Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Prince Charles, who is not young, demonstrated precisely how old as heck he is yesterday while talking about the importance of the British postal system. Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Royal Mail, the heir to the throne said, “In you, the written word itself has a staunch defender, reminding us that well-constructed and properly thought-through prose will always endure, whatever the vagaries of fashion.”

Charles was referring to electronic communication, which he believes has wrecked the way that young people communicate. “In these days of texting and various social media apps, the well-constructed sentence is under mortal threat!” he said, according to the Daily Mail. He was critical of our current “140 characters or less culture,” referring to Twitter.

I mean, on the one hand, he’s right. Beautiful English phrases like, “Oi, a toff tried to nick me trousers by the lorry in Piccadilly Circus, so I gave him a right good bollocking” have been replaced by “lol do it 4 the vine.”

But on the other hand, Prince Charles is old as hell. He’s got a full staff to cater on him every hour of the day, which gives him plenty of time to hand-write his letters. That’s not to discount his opinion — he obviously worked very hard to get where he is by simply being born.

To put it differently:

Prince Charles Dislikes Twitter Because He Is Old As Heck