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Snapchat Ends Local Stories, Which Is a Bummer Because They Were Actually Good

Photo: Jaap Arriens/Getty Images

Bye-bye dreams of having one of your snaps featured on the New York City Snapchat story. The company is nixing local stories —the geo-fenced Snapchat stories using submissions from area residents and curated by Snapchat employees — according to Bloomberg. Approximately 15 people will reportedly lose their positions at the company as a result of this change.

From Bloomberg:

Snapchat Inc. is ending its daily local stories for cities feature, which pulled together video of everyday activities — concerts, cute puppies in the park — shot by users in locales such as New York.

In lieu of local stories, Bloomberg also reports the company will be shifting its attention to “live moments,” which feature video happening in (almost) real time from major events like the Super Bowl or national holidays. (Do a shot every time a company announces they will be doubling down on live video in 2016!)

It’s sad to see local stories go. The curated snaps were often surprisingly entertaining and, thanks to captions and editing from those 15 Snapchat employees, the stories felt seamless and far better produced than the clunky stories my friends and I regularly post. Plus, now I might actually have to leave my apartment to find out what is going on in my city. And who wants to do that?

Snapchat’s Local Stories Are Going Bye-Bye