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Snapchat Signals Hardware Plans, Joins the Bluetooth SIG

Next to actually announcing that they plan on releasing some sort of hardware, Snapchat has done the next best thing. According to the Financial Times, the start-up has joined Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the body that governs the Bluetooth wireless standard that most wearable technology employs.

Reports of Snapchat working on some sort of augmented-reality eyewear have been circulating since March, when news surfaced that Snapchat was building up a group of AR experts. In June, Business Insider reported that company CEO Evan Spiegel had worn a prototype out in public.

Joining the Bluetooth SIG isn’t something that software developers do. According to FT, “only companies with plans to launch a wireless device, rather than merely develop software, would join the Bluetooth consortium.”

The project is still in its early stages — don’t expect it anytime soon — but Snapchat has been aggressive in looking at AR companies and poaching people from other hardware start-ups. FT also reports that they’ve brought on a recruiter who previously worked in the division at Google which produced its Glass hardware.

Snapchat Signals Hardware Plans, Joins the Bluetooth SIG