Ted Cruz Shows Trump How He Should Have Debated Clinton

Cruz praises his new presidential candidate while insinuating he missed his mark in the first debate. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Now that he has belatedly joined Team Trump, Senator Ted Cruz was quick to offer his rather counterintuitive take on the first Clinton-Trump debate on his Facebook page. It is a long litany of terrible, terrible things “we know” Hillary Clinton would do to America now that we’ve watched her debate Trump. She’ll continue the godless tyranny of Obamacare; wage war on our precious, life-giving fossils fuels; welcome Islamic terrorists to pour across our unguarded borders; toss aside the immigration laws via a vast expansion of executive powers; and reshape the Supreme Court into a liberal majority eager to take away guns and persecute Christians.

The trouble is, none of these topics really came up in the debate. Cruz goes on to credit his new candidate with “his strongest debate performance of the election cycle.” Since it was the first debate in which Cruz himself did not participate, it’s not surprising he thought Trump had shown some improvement.

Trump also “drew strong contrasts with Hillary on taxes, regulations, law and order, and the disastrous Iran deal.” Yes, and he also drew strong contrasts with Hillary on the origins of birtherism, the business wisdom of avoiding taxes and stiffing contractors, the perfidy of fat people, and the use of the English language. But somehow Trump did not find time to go after Clinton the way Cruz goes after Clinton. And you have to figure that, aside from Cruz’s deep-seated know-it-all tendencies, he cannot help but let us know how he would have debated Clinton last night.

In case anyone is interested, he’ll be available to debate Clinton in 2020. 

Ted Cruz Shows Trump How He Should Have Debated Clinton