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The Internet Has Some Theories About Why Trump Kept Sniffing at the Debate

Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

For the very first time, we have reason to doubt the claim by Donald Trump’s physician that he’s in “astonishingly excellent” health. Throughout the first presidential debate, the Republican candidate could not stop loudly sniffing. Here’s an example:

And here’s a supercut of all of the sniffs during the debate:

Many on Twitter were concerned that Trump might have health issues — particularly because he suggested that Hillary Clinton’s coughing and subsequent bout of pneumonia disqualified her from becoming president.

Others had more nefarious theories:

And some just found it funny. Naturally, Trump’s sniff already has its own Twitter account.

For the record, we know nothing about the state of Trump’s respiratory system. But we do know that people who live in 58-story glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

The Internet Has Some Theories on Trump’s Debate Sniffing