Alex Jones Makes Trump Look Polite in Debate Meltdown

If you though Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during Wednesday’s debate was bad, take a gander at what thick-necked conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had to say about the Democrat. The Trump supporter, who Trump himself has called “amazing,” livestreamed the debate alongside his increasingly reddening face as he ranted and raved about Clinton. The masochists at Media Matters watched and pulled three clips of Jones at his most unhinged. Here’s one of them:

All told, Jones lobbed a dozen insults at Clinton during the nearly five minutes that Media Matters pulled from his livestream. They were:

“Damn woman”

“Piece of trash”

“Criminal monster”

“Monstrous pig”

“Evil wicked witch”

“Clinton/Bush corpse”


“Frickin’ lying whore”




“Frickin’ witch”

Alex Jones’s Debate Meltdown Makes Trump Look Polite