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Want AirPods? You’re Going to Have to Wait.

Photo: Apple

If you watched Apple’s big hardware event back in September and thought — as some did — Man, I cannot wait to get me a pair of those AirPods, which are “like sex sticks that fuck your ears,” you’re going to need to be patient. According to an Apple representative, the new wireless headphones are not going to be ready to ship this month, TechCrunch reports.

From Apple, via TechCrunch:

The early response to AirPods has been incredible. We don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.

No word on why the product (slated to retail for $159 a pair) will be delayed or when they will be ready to ship. In the meantime, you can always make your own.

Want AirPods? You’re Going to Have to Wait.