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The Final Debate, Summarized in Its 28 Funniest Tweets

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Congrats, America. We made it. Debate season for the 2016 election is finally over. (Now we just have to get to November 8 without imploding.) The third and final debate of the season was held on Wednesday evening at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off for yet another 90 minutes. In case you missed out or decided your time would be better spent doing just about anything else, here’s everything you missed during Wednesday night’s festivities, courtesy of Twitter.

Hillary Clinton took the stage wearing a white pantsuit that was something like a heavenly Star Wars costume blended with your neighborhood dentist’s scrubs.

Donald Trump kicked things off with a fairly reserved vibe, though this quickly went by the wayside, particularly considering his need to mutter “wrong” into his microphone with increasing frequency throughout the evening, and his comments about Putin.

The two candidates delved into gun control.

Roe v. Wade.

And foreign policy.

Climate change was not discussed.

A question about border control prompted Trump to mention the many “bad hombres” he believes are currently at large in the United States. Which then inspired everyone to make the same bad jokes about a homonymic hairstyle.

Trump spoke, as always, like a kid who forgot he had to make a book report in front of the class.

Hillary, meanwhile, said more with her face than with her words.

The two candidates were once again placed in front of a screen showing a copy of the Declaration of Independence. So naturally, there were tweets.

Clinton and Trump also found time to discuss Trump’s Twitter rage from that time he lost an Emmy in 2005 to The Amazing Race. (He still contests that the television competition was rigged.)

When confronted with the growing list of accusations of sexual assault and harassment being lodged against him, Trump did little to directly answer the question. Instead, he offered only a charming and very believable statement about his high level of respect for women.

Trump also had some excellent sound bites regarding mysterious tapes from the Clinton camp, filling Supreme Court vacancies, and the fact that if he loses the election he will need to assess “at the time” whether or not it was a fair result. Oh, and he also referred to Clinton as a “nasty woman.”

And then, just a painful hour and a half later, it was finally time to wrap things up and talk to family.

As for the winner, we’ll just have to wait to see what happens at the polls in November. You have until then to decide if you are a bad hombre or a nasty woman. Choose wisely.

28 Funny Tweets That Summarized the Debate