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The Best Meme Costumes of Halloween 2016

Photo: gotham146/Twitter

Happy Halloween. Did you have a spooky and festivity-filled weekend? I hope so. If you did wander out into the world of parties, I hope you dressed as a meme, because there is truly no better way to spend your evening than by having to explain your costume to anybody over the age of 40. (Shout-out to the woman I met in a bar in Brooklyn who dressed as a glittery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and kindly put down her drink and raised her palms skyward every time somebody scrunched up their nose and said, “Hmmm, what are you supposed to be?)

We’ve rounded up so of our favorite meme costumes thus far and will be updating this post throughout the day. (If you think your meme costume is worthy, feel free to drop me an email at or sound off in the the comments.)

And so, without further ado, here’s the best of Hallowmeme 2016.

Life-size Gumby Meeting Jolene the Dog

Photo: jram1818

Did you see that video of very good dog Jolene meeting a full-size version of her favorite chew toy last week? (No? Watch it here. It is heartwarming.) This costume gets bonus points for being extremely topical, though as with many a meme, I’m sure it was difficult to explain at parties.

Here Come Dat Boi

An A+ costume idea for all you unicycle and meme enthusiasts out there. (If you’re unfamiliar with this meme, the only appropriate way to greet somebody dressed as Dat Boi is by loudly shouting, “Here come Dat Boi!To which your friend should reply, “Oh shit Waddup! Congrats, you’ve just done a meme.)

Pepe the Frog

That other frog meme that dominated 2016. (#SavePepe)

The Shitty 20th Century Fox Flute

There is nothing to say here other than this is a flawless costume which I’m sure landed with an approximate two people at whatever event this dude went to. (If you’re unfamiliar, watch the original here.)

Arthur’s Fist

A great costume for anybody who owns a yellow sweater and already wears glasses. As an added perk, if you’re camera-shy, you really need only photograph your fist anyway!

Babadook Redux

A throwback to one of the most perfect tweets of all time.

Snapchat Filter

Extra credit here for choosing one of the less popular and frequent Snapchat filters. (Looking at you here, every single person and their mother who went as the dog filter.)

Da Share Zone

Skeleton business in the front, internet party in the back.

The Best Meme Costumes of Halloween 2016